Conditions is a low-cost studio programme for artists.

It gives 24/7 access to studio space and structured critical conversations to develop each artist’s work, as well as encouraging collaboration and collective work on exhibitions and events.

Conditions offers participating artists a programme of talks, teaching and workshops from a wide range of Associates comprising artists, writers, musicians, performers, curators and educators.

It is aimed at addressing the increasing cost of both studio space and education for artists in London, by providing an alternative model.

Conditions is co-founded by artist and educator Matthew Noel-Tod and artist David Panos. It is led by Matthew Noel-Tod, whose work in art education includes previously running the Moving Image degree at University of Brighton: a pioneering course in artists’ film and video.


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Conditions has an Associates Group who will input into the programme. Associates working with the programme’s artists since 2018-19 include:

Ami Clarke, Paul Clinton, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Ayesha HameedDanny Hayward, John Hill, Jean Matthee, Yuri Pattison, Clunie Reid, Tom Richards, Lou Lou SainsburySara SassanelliThey Are HereMaija Timonen, Nikhil Vettukattil and Marina Vishmidt.

New Associates for 2019-20 include: Alice Channer, Rebecca Jagoe, Jaakko Pallasvuo and more to be confirmed.

Conditions has a first-year advisory group for the future development of the programme, comprising of: Rachel Baker, Richard Birkett, Alice Cretney, Andrew McGettigan and Tai Shani.

Defining Conditions

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Conditions will examine art education and art production and think toward new conditions.

We started with a space (a studio) and a programme (a structure).

The programme is focused around a number of loose themes.

We invite new definitions of these to be created by the participating artists.

1. Seeking to rethink the parameters, aesthetics, social role and politics of what has been called ‘contemporary’ art. We are looking to push beyond current conventions, styles and assumptions to find new ways to engage.

2. While focusing on individual practices the programme encourages collective decision-making regarding the space and the curriculum, as well as collaboration in production and in the display and exhibition of work.

3. A critical engagement with digital media and its prevalence, but not limited to artists working in digital media. The programme is not medium specific, but will draw from a number of disciplines, for example: digital image / moving image / film / animation / photography / performance / music / 3D / fashion / design / architecture.

4. We are actively looking for a political / critical mindset open to the debates and discussions around representation in art. The programme is intellectually engaged, but seeks to avoid unproductive academicisation in art making. We place a confidence in formal exploration in art, challenging the relationships between politics and form in art-making.

Conditions aims to be focused on the studio space, production and exhibition, to be critically engaged and to have the flexibility of a DIY approach. The programme (it is a supported studio environment) seeks to avoid the inherent competitiveness of award bearing university courses and does not require specific educational qualifications to apply, although most participants have completed some prior higher education. The project proposes sharing knowledge as a central resource and seeks to push aesthetic questions on the current notion and conditions of ‘contemporary art’. The breadth of practices and experiences of the current Conditions community has been one of its strengths. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and all ages.



September 1st midnight 2019 deadline for applications for 2019 – 2020

September 16th – 20th 2019 interviews in Croydon

  • November 4th 2019 programme starts

  • Interim events – organised with group throughout the year

  • End of year show – September 2020

  • September 2020 programme year ends


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The cost is £230 per month for 11 months = £2530 per person for 11 months.

The cost is based on a comparative London studio space, with the enhanced offer of a directed supportive studio programme and framework for public exhibitions and public engagement of the cohort.

Each participant is required to pay £230 on the 1st of each month. A fully refundable deposit of £200 is required on commencing the year. We regret that we do not have the ability to offer any free places, but we have aimed to keep costs as low as possible.

We have a small number of places with 40% subsidy for artists 25 and under, supported by Croydon Council / Mayor of London Creative Enterprise Zone. This reduces the cost to £138 per month. If your age qualifies you for this please indicate on your application. Number of subsidised places available is allocated by the funders, not by Conditions, so we can only confirm at offer stage. Please check you could afford the full amount of rent when you apply.

 What is included in Conditions?

  • 24/7* studio space

  • Regular critical dialogues on work, guest artists, events, screenings

  • Group exhibitions / events in the year

  • Ability to reconfigure studio space for different requirements

  • Access to self-contained edit / sound room at 89 Gloucester Road

  • Internet access

  • AV (video, sound) equipment for presenting work

  • Electricity

  • Kitchenette and WC

*studio space is flexible and will be used for talks, seminars and Conditions events and some public events by prior arrangement.

What is not included?

  • Materials for the production of work

  • Computers for individual work

  • The studio is a work place only, not live/work

  • The programme is not accredited and does not confer any award, e.g. MA


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  • We seek applications from artists (not limited to fine art, but including fashion, music, design, etc.) with demonstrable existing practice.

  • No formal prior educational qualification required, but we would expect a level of experience and (self) learning equivalent to undergraduate Further / Higher Education, plus evidence of independent practice.

  • A brief application statement that demonstrates a shared interest in the ethos of the programme. Or an innovative challenge to it.

  • Applicants aged 18 years and up. No upper age limit.

  • Applications from individuals only (not groups).

  • All people who fit criteria are encouraged to apply, with no discrimination on gender, race, sexuality or disability.

  • You must have UK residency. (We cannot sponsor visas.)

  • We expect selected participants to live within reasonable travelling distance of Croydon / South London to make the most out of the programme.

  • Building accessibility: studio space is based on the ground floor. Please contact us with any space accessibility requirements.

What is expected of participants?

  • To have a commitment to making and thinking about art or the conditions in your given field of creative work.

  • To seek alternatives to the current state of art and art education in Greater London.

  • To want to engage in a studio programme with a public events.

  • To be present in the studios on a regular basis. (The core days for dialogues / collaborative work / events in 2019-20 will be Mondays and Tuesdays).

  • To want to work with others on exhibition and events for displaying your work.

  • To want to think through the possibilities of such an artists’ programme by providing feedback and development ideas.


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Applications for 2019-20

In 2019-2020 we will be expanding the studio space and running Conditions for around 32 artists across 3 studios at the same location. Approximately 10-12 artists per studio, each studio 1000 - 1500 square foot. The programme will be organised in 3 studio groups of 10-12 artists, but with regular cross over and access to the whole Conditions community.

As we are interested to hear from as wide a range of artists as possible you can apply to Conditions as an individual or if you support an artist (as an organisation or an individual) you can nominate someone to apply. This can be done in the following way:

1. Please email a roughly 500-word statement outlining your artistic work and your interest in the programme (What? and Why?) to by midnight September 1st 2019.
Title your email ‘Conditions Application’.

As an on-going commitment to learning about making educational models more accessible we also welcome application statements in other formats, which could include: a video (uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo) roughly 3-5 minutes in length / recorded audio (uploaded to Soundcloud or another audio platform) roughly 3-5 minutes in length. If none of these suit please email to discuss any access requirements you might have in applying.

2. Include a CV with any previous educational experience and your contact details. Please note that previous educational experience is not a requirement.

3. Web links to examples of your work, images, videos, texts, audio, websites. Please organise these as concisely as possible to be viewable online. Do not email large attachments or downloads or links which require sharing permissions. Put videos on YouTube or Vimeo, not as large file transfers. We ask this for simplicity of viewing material, please organise as concisely as possible.

4. Include phone and email contact details of 1 referee who know you via your work or education. (Contact details only, you do not need to attach references at application stage, but we require a reference before studio occupancy.)

Any questions please email us or check the information on this site.

We currently don’t have funding to subsidise any access requirements you might have whilst attending but are committed to working with any support you already have in place.

Conditions doesn’t have any formal child care arrangement for artists who are parents of pre-school children, but we may be able to offer a shared child care option. If this would affect your ability to apply, please email us.

We are unable to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.


September 16th – September 20th 2019 interviews in Croydon.

We prefer to conduct interviews in person wherever possible, so each applicant can view the studio space and we can meet you. Alternate interview arrangements can be made if necessary.

Interviews will be a conversation about your work and your ideas for the programme and a chance for you to view the studios and meet current Conditions artists. The interview week will also coincide with our end of year exhibition, so there will be a chance to see work made in 2018-19.

Late September participants confirmed.


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Conditions, 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon CR0 2DN


89 Gloucester Road is 10-15 minutes walk from East Croydon, West Croydon and Selhurst stations.

There are direct links to Central London (East Croydon rail), East and North London (West Croydon Overground) Central and West London (Selhurst rail). Bus and Tram links to South London. Rail links to Brighton, Gatwick, SE England.


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Conditions is based in the studio space at 89 Gloucester Road in Croydon: an artist-run multi-purpose 1500 square foot warehouse to be used for production, education, exhibitions and events, started in 2018 by Matthew Noel-Tod and David Panos. In 2019-20 Conditions will be expanding our studio space across two floors in the adjacent building.

Matthew Noel-Tod is an artist, filmmaker, writer and educator. Since 2010 he has been Senior Lecturer in Moving Image at University of Brighton, where between 2012 and 2017 he was Course Leader for BA (Hons) Moving Image, an innovative degree course at the boundaries of art practice and film practice. Matthew has taught art and film at many art schools and universities, including Goldsmiths, Royal Academy Schools, Camberwell College of Arts UAL, International Academy of Art Palestine, Finnish Academy of Arts, Helsinki, Kingston University, Newcastle University, San Francisco Art Institute. His writing about art has appeared recently in Frieze, Art Monthly and Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ).

As an artist, his work in film, video and photography investigates languages and meaning in image making, interpretation and values, frequently creating conflicts between cultural hierarchies. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at MOMA PS1, New York 2017, Tate Britain, London, 2016, ICA London, 2015, Banner Repeater, London 2014, TFL Art of the Underground, London, 2012, Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2012, Picture This, Bristol, 2008, Rotterdam Film Festival, 2006 and London Film Festival, 2005. He was a participant in the first LUX Associate Artists Programme 2007-2008 and the Acme Studios Fire Station programme 2010-2015. Matthew is also an experienced cinematographer working on numerous artists’ works, including films by Laure Provoust, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, David Lamelas, Melanie Gilligan, Elizabeth Price and Sturtevant.

David Panos is an artist, musician and filmmaker. As an artist he produces videos, objects and music. He has worked in collaboration with Anja Kirschner and they were the winners of the Jarman Award in 2011 for their long form narrative video works. In his solo practice he works between digital moving image, choreography and object making, looking at physical and gestural languages in relation to the abstractions of contemporary experience through finance, digital media and exchange. His recent shows include: Pump House Gallery, London, 2017, Nemocentric, Galerie Charim Vienna, 2016, Albert Baronian, Brussels, 2015, ICA, London, 2014, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, 2013.

As a musician and producer David has worked with the groups Antifamily, Asja Auf Capri, Aufgehoben No Process and Class as well as running the Difficult Fun record label in the 2000s. He has been a visiting tutor at a number of institutions including Goldsmiths, Central St Martins, Chelsea, Wimbledon and University of Brighton.

David has also been involved with a number of community campaigns, helping set up social cinema spaces in Hackney and campaigning around housing issues and producing local newsletters with the group Hackney Independent. He has written on the difficult relation between property and the creative economy for Mute magazine.

Conditions is supported by Croydon Council and Mayor of London Creative Enterprise Zone

CONDITIONS LIMITED Company number 11346551
(SIC) 90040 - Operation of arts facilities